Pregnancy Massage   from £35

Studies have indicated that a pregnancy massage performed during pregnancy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and help improve labour outcomes and newborn health.

Many women leave their pregnancy massage until the final weeks of pregnancy. Practically every single client that has done this say
“They wished they’d come to me sooner”.

Enjoy all of your pregnancy, make it a positive experience free from pregnancy related symptoms. Don’t leave too late. 

Aromatherapy Massage   from £30

Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy enhanced with essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils) added to the massage oil. Inhaling essential oils through the nose and absorbed through the skin promote beneficial changes in the mind and body by affecting the limbic system (a region of the brain known to influence the nervous system). Each essential oil used in aromatherapy is said to have different properties. For example, some calm while others energize. Here are some widely used essential oils and their purported properties:

  Calming – chamomile, lavender, geranium
  Uplifting – ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, neroli
  Energizing – rosemary
  Decongesting – eucalyptus, pine, tea tree

Swedish Massage   from £30

Swedish massage – apart from the pampering aspect of the treatment, massage have many physiological and emotional benefits. The power of touch is huge and should not be underestimated as a luxury;

  Reduces muscular pain
  Eliminates water and toxic build up
  Relieves tight muscles, stiffness and spasms
  Improves circulation delivering more nutrients to the muscle
  Reduces muscular fatigue and soreness in the muscles etc.